We all are The Team. With all our united bunch of experts, with everyone within his competence, we are responsible for the well-being of our partners in our joint business. We are open for communication and we are ready to share our experience, thus improving the quality of our cooperation.

Valery Chernyak
– General Director. He is in charge of the company development and its new projects.

Eugeny Chernyak
- Director. He governs the company operations.

Leonid Gouttsait

- Head of the Sales Department. Manages a magical processes of maintaining mutually beneficial relations with customers, performing along with the tight team of Saint-Petersburg Sales Department:

Andrey Artyibyakin
- Head of the Moscow branch of the company. Empowered to govern company operations in the capital of our country. Does his best so that the inhabitants of the capital have an opportunity to make a choice between good and very good batteries. In this he is supported by the team of the Moscow Sales Department:

Alexey Frolov
Head of the Marketing and Purchase Department. The chief expert in strategy and tactics. Also he is the most knowledgeable in the field of where to get goods meeting customer needs in volumes that suit all those who demand.

Alexey Kirillov

Head Expert in Starter Batteries. Knows all about how it is possible to make an almost perpetual engine out of an ordinary car by correctly selected starter battery.

Marina Selikhova
Advertising Department Manager. As given, she moves the company trade using all tools possible as well as all budget means available.

Vladislav Stepanov

Head of the Logistics Department. He efficiently stores and skilfully ships all those products that are being procured, promoted and sold by all the above-mentioned experts.

Rashid Urayev
Director for Business Processes. He is engaged in improvement of the company internal performance and application of new management technologies.

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