About the company

About the company

The "KATOD" company is one of the major suppliers of automotive starter batteries in Russia. Being a distributor of leading world batteries brands, like Varta, Bosch, Energizer, Atlas, as well as number of domestic manufacturers, the "KATOD" company is leading distrubutor of Johnson Controls Inc. in Russia and enters the Top Ten Johnson Controls Inc. dealers in Europe.

In addition to starter batteries, the "KATOD" company is distributing high-quality motor car lubricants of Q8 brand, manufactured by the international concern Kuwait Petroleum International.

The dealers network of the company totals over hundreds of wholesale partners throughout the entire territory of Russia. In Saint Petersburg "KATOD" not only performs and retail supply of starter batteries and lubricants, but also owns an up to date service centre for warranty and post-warranty starter batteries servicing, as well as production capacities for forming and charging of batteries.

Within two decades of its operations, the "KATOD" company has gained vast experience in the field of wholesale and retail sales of motor car goods and rendering of accompanying services. Having thoroughly studied technologies of forwarding, warehouse processing, and logistics for uninterrupted supply of goods of commercial networks of various formats, the "KATOD" company efficiently responds to inquiries and preferences of the customers. The company actively shares its accumulated experience with its partners, understanding its own success as inseparable from the success of its partners.